Senior School Year Checklist

You’re almost there! Now is not the time for senioritis; stay focused with this checklist.


    It is your senior year; keep it up! Challenge yourself with your class selection by looking into AP courses and dual enrollment courses that can count as college credit. Good grades, in challenging courses look extremely well on your transcript when you’re applying to colleges and universities.


    Extracurricular activities look great on your resume and your college applications! Be sure to look into teams and organizations that you can join at your school and in your community. Also, volunteering in your community is a great way to stay involved and build connections with community organizations. Continue to browse our webpage for involvement opportunities throughout Grand Rapids!


    You have so much to do as a senior! Making a plan will help you stay organized as you conclude your last year in high school and prepare for your future as a college student. Check out this website on for assistance with making your plan. You can always stop by the Studio for more support!


    Deadlines are extremely important when applying to postsecondary education. Connect with an admissions counselor to figure out your deadlines for the application, scholarships, financial aid, housing, etc. The Studio has great college research resources for colleges and universities in West Michigan. We can help you look up any school!


    Identify those who are going to support you throughout your last year of high school. Stay in contact with your supporters and openly communicate your needs. The T2C Studio can support you throughout your entire college admission journey.


    Register for your entrance exams! Get prepared for the SAT or ACT! Talk with your counselor about test preparation classes or workshops at your school or in the community.


    Visit  to fill out your FASFA application. It is very important to track your state deadline for FASFA. Take a look at our blog section to learn more about the recent changes in FASFA starting with 2017 graduates.

  •  APPLY

    With you deadlines in mind complete your college applications in fall semester. Take a look at the different types of applications:

    • Early Decision: Binding application. Once accepted, the applicant must go to that college. Only for first-choice colleges.
    • Early Admission: Non-binding application. Once accepted, the applicant still has the choice to attend another college. Only for first-choice colleges.
    • Regular Admission: Non-binding application. Once accepted, the applicant still has the choice to attend another college. For any college application.
    • Wait-List: Neither an acceptance nor a rejection. Wait-listed students need to see if the school has a spot open up from accepted students choosing not to attend.

    There are different ways to pay for college and it is important to start finding funding sources early. Check the scholarship links on our site. Contact the Studio and we can help you with your search.


    Did we mention, you’re almost there! Keep up the good work and remember you get out of it what you put into it. Maintain your GPA, communicate with your counselors, and stay committed to your extracurricular activities. The T2C Studio is here to assist you along the way!

Always remember that you can stop by the studio for one-one-one support and guidance.